Make A Wish

Domingo, 17 de Abril de 2011
O André veio do Mississipi e o Gavin da Irlanda, realizar o seu desejo... conhecer o Cristiano Ronaldo... Assim foi... ! "...And I also wanted to thank you for going with me to meet Cristiano Ronaldo,and for working so hard for me to get my wish. You don't know how much I wanted to meet him. He has always been an inspiration for me and he inspired me to fight for my life when things were going wrong through my illness. I can't thank you enough for granting my wish I will never forget that experience. Andres ", "At about 9.15am, the lift door opened and oh my God he walked in ! He was so relaxed & natural ... look around to see where the boys were. He went down to the other end of the room then and met & chatted with them. The one thing that struck me most about him was how really nice he was towards the boys, just ordinary, natural & friendly, no airs & graces whatsoever about him. He took pictures with them and signed the stuff they had brought. At the end Gavin said to him "thank you for making my dream come true" and Ronaldo replied "my pleasure" ! Oh when Gavin told me this afterwards, I was in tears !

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